AI Deathmatch : Battle of the AI Heavyweights 2023

AI Deathmatch : Microsoft OpenAI GPT4 vs Google Deepmind Gemini Bard

An, FINALLY… Google hits back. With the (half) release of Gemini , we’re ready for the cage fight of the century! No, not Zuck vs Musk… the AI Deathmatch!

On Dec 6, 2023 Google upgraded its retarded Bard (well, sort of: Gemini Ultron Ultra doesn’t arrive for another 3+ months) with something akin to GPT4’s intelligence. At this point, we need a chart to list all the main characters in this ensemble cast epic:

Microsoft OpenAI ChatGPT Nov 30, 2022
Microsoft OpenAI GPT4 Mar 14, 2023
Google DeepMind Gemini / Bard Dec 6, 2023
Amazon Anthropic Claude 2 Jul 11, 2023
Tesla Grok Nov 6, 2023
Meta Meta (?!) Llama 2 Jul 18, 2023
Apple ??? M.I.A. TBD


AI Deathmatch: Gemini vs GPT4

(…and everybody else: the report card so far)

AI Deathmatch : Google v Microsoft, Gemini vs ChatGPT


prompt: “i would like a political cartoon of two men boxing. one is wearing shorts the color of the Microsoft logo. the other represents Google and is wearing shorts with a huge “G” on them. the referee is joe rogan. go.”

engine: DALL-E3, with GPT4