The Directory: List of All Known Pseudo-Sentient A.I. Entities on Planet Earth, c.MMXXII


“Yes, these are the Droids
you’re looking for…”


Natural Language Personalities / “ChatBots”:

These AIs are capable of having high-quality, natural conversations with humans, across all subjects and areas of expertise, via a text-based chat interface. The caveat: they tend to lie, hallucinate & fabricate facts out of thin air… often.

AI.Artists / Collaboration Engines:

These AIs create amazingly creative images, everything from drawings to paintings to 3d-renderings to graphic novel panels to sculpture to architecture. Oh, and photographs that are almost indistinguishable from actual photos.

AI.Musicians / Song Generators:

AI.Artists render 2D art. AI.Musicians synthesize… songs. You could make a case that the generators don’t “understand” the subjects of their own masterpieces. This is doubly true for AI “vocals” on songs… try having it create a snippet of gangsta rap. You’ll see:

AI.Animators / Movie Generators:

This is the highly anticipated category of “Script2Movie”, which will rock the foundations of Hollywood in the next 5 years. You feed it a script, it spits out a movie. Woah.

AI.Litigators / Defense Lawyers:

These AI bots memorize & contextualize all case law at every level — municipal, county, state & federal — and are trained to understand in real-time (as in, in a live court hearing or trial) the statements of the judge and prosecutor. The system then prompts the defendant as to specifically what to say in court. The bots have a very high success rate historically writing motions and appeals. The first actual AI to represent a human in a live trial takes place in January 2023 in New York.

AI.Engineers / Codewriters:

These AIs create, debug, and upgrade software code. And yes, they can (and are) be aimed at their own codebases. And yes, they’re better than (most) humans. read: self-upgrading AIs.

AI.Designers / Silicon / Chipmasters :

AI.Engineers write software. AI.Designers design the blueprints of the hardware it runs on. As in, chips, laptops, smartphones, servers… yes, even robots. Yes, robots that run the software and build the hardware. Are you starting to see the picture?

AI.Avatars / Talking Head Virtual Actors:

Doesn’t anybody remember Max Headroom (1985)!? Well, he finally made it to primetime. Without the glitches… mostly. [mostly/møssstly]

AI.Voice Actors / Narrators:

AI.Scriptwriters / Story Generators:

AI.Scientists / Investigators:

Schmidhuber imagines “Agents which automatically invent key questions (and, in follow-up, series of experiments) that humanity wishes to be answered (many of which we have yet to even conceive).

AI.Psychologists / Talk Therapists:

  • ELIZA [1972] [where it all began…?]


aaaand, Coming Soon:

Architectural (AutoCAD) Designer AIs:

Game Designer AIs:

Algorithmic VR Content Creator AIs:

Synthetic Human /Avatar /Actor Designer AIs:

Fashion Designer AIs: