GBR: Gregory B Roberts

Richard Dreyfuss built a sculpture of Devils Tower in his living room and suddenly understands what he made

It’s coming. And its sending signals. Can you hear them? Are you prepared?
Movie Still from Close Encounters of the Third Kind © 1977 Columbia Pictures / Steven Spielberg


Gregoreite B. Roberts is
a Human on Planet Earth.

He has experienced much in the brief 5 decades he has existed within this SpaceTime, and has much yet to be experienced. Perhaps some of those future experiences will be with you. Who knows?

There was a curious synchronicity between the emergence of modern AI into the public consciousness, and his re-entry into the world of the Free. Mr/ Roberts tends to think that God does not roll dice:

Greg Roberts and the rise of AI, AI Art, and ChatGPT

This site is his attempt to share some perspectives, wisdom, and knowledge that he has acquired along the Journey.

We hope you enjoy.


Bon appetit!



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Gregoreite Roberts,
a.k.a. AcroYogi

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