John Carmack AI : DOOM, Quake, Oculus — True Genius

Gregory Roberts and John Carmack AI 2015 Oculus VR

I have some of the deepest admiration in the world for John Carmack, a true coders coder, and a real genius.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting John several times, and despite his wealth and fame, he has taken the time to patiently speak with me, to earnestly look at and critique my games, give candid input, and answer every question in detail. His unscripted and lengthy talks at Oculus Connect conferences (when he was the CTO) were legendary.

Some day, I may write more about the man that Bill Gates lauded as “one of the top 10 smartest living humans on planet earth.”

Thank you for all you do, John.

John Carmack on Twitter : @ID_AA_Carmack

Carmack’s AI Company: Keen Technologies (TBD)