Max Tegmark: Life 3.0 — Who’s Who in AI

Max Tegmark FLI MIT and Gregory Roberts dSky TED-AI 2023

Max Tegmark is one of my favorite AI “personalities.” In addition to being a noted theoretical physicist and tenured professor at MIT, his notable accomplishments include:

  • author: Life 3.0must read.
    A well-written book about our human future in the face of AGI / ASI, and how that might actually come to play out.
  • founder: Future of Life Institute
  • organizer: Asilomar Conference on the Ethical Development of AI
  • speaker : TED, and TED.AI
  • co-author: the AI Pause Letter: “Pause Giant AI Experiments, An Open Letter”, March 22, 2023

This was Max, utterly prescient, speaking at TED in 2018 about the promise and perils of AGI:


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photo credit:  “Gregory Roberts & Max Tegmark at TED.AI 2023, San Francisco” — author’s private collection — photo by Emilia Javorsky