Favorite Stories Index

Transformus Origin

  • the Paddy Mirage / Irish Pub
  • Non-violent Conflict Resolution (Edge / Gifting)
  • The epiphany
  • Seized by a passion to make it happen and an absolute certainty of outcome
  • The Land: Sid : The Dream : Deerfields
  • The first meeting : “$75k”… “No, its a gift.” Lady Entropy

Lady Entropy

  • for fun
  • the girls doing my hair and makeup
  • being at a rave dance and forgetting my appearance and hitting on girls
  • the drunken rape scenario

How I got into AcroYoga

  • (how i ran away and joined the circus)
  • Hoop Convergence 2008
  • Sandhi Ferreira : “do you know how to base acrobatics?”
  • The Flight Manual
  • everybody I knew
  • assisting Lila Donnolo