Hard Edges: My Journey into the Depths of the American Prison System and back to the Land of the Free

Title Brainstorm

  • Five Years Down
  • Five Years in the Underworld
  • Five Percent
  • WhiteBoy
  • The Tribulations of Phoenix
  • Corrected
  • My Correctional Journey
  • My Prison Journey
  • Thirty Days in the Hole
  • Riches to Rags
  • Cages of Cement and Steel
  • the Beaumont Redemption
  • Hard Edges

General Outline:

Most prison books (that I read) are structured as follows:

  • 50% to outline the crimes that led them there (including the chase and the capture).
  • Then there is the transformational moment (some time after imprisonment).
  • Then there is the prison sentence and the adventures on the “Inside” (a glossary is necessary!)
  • Finally, there is the re-integration into the free,
  • and finally finally, the ultimate success of the protagonist.

…That’s the standard template.