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  • AI 101: What are FLOPS in AI?

    AI 101: What are FLOPS in AI?

    Along with an LLM’s “size” in parameters, FLOPS are one of the more confusing terms batted around in AI circles. So: What are FLOPS in AI? In Machine Learning? In supercomputers? Essentially, a FLOPS is a unit of measurement for raw performance of any computer, or chip, or datacenter, and in particular it is used…

  • The AI FAQ 2023

    The AI FAQ 2023

    At this point, I’ve posted a lot of thoughts, covering the gamut of modern AI Theory, Reality, and Prognostication. And thankfully, a lot of you have given me very valuable feedback, and most importantly, both challenged my premises and asked me most excellent questions about these ideas. In fact, many of those exchanges spawned posts…