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  • AI 101: What is a Parameter? (in a ChatBot LLM) : Joyful Learning

    AI 101: What is a Parameter? (in a ChatBot LLM) : Joyful Learning

    These days, players like to brag about the complexity and sophistication of a new AI by describing its massive size (sound familiar? some tropes never die…)… in terms of a handful of terms: number of GPUs, size of the training dataset, and, most opaquely, number of parameters in the model. So: What is a parameter,…

  • The AI FAQ 2023

    The AI FAQ 2023

    At this point, I’ve posted a lot of thoughts, covering the gamut of modern AI Theory, Reality, and Prognostication. And thankfully, a lot of you have given me very valuable feedback, and most importantly, both challenged my premises and asked me most excellent questions about these ideas. In fact, many of those exchanges spawned posts…

  • GPT3/411 : look Ma, it talks!

    GPT3/411 : look Ma, it talks!

    So, about 2 days ago, I took a break from my AI/art explorations, and decided to switch from visual arts to literary arts mode. Whereas DALL-E and MidJourney are my go-tos for the art world, I had already heard about the legendary GPT3, present-day king of the AI natural language world — in layman’s terms,…