Patagonia Mountaineering Expedition Planning Page 2024

Patagonia Expedition - Torres del Paine National Park

This will serve as our centralized planning doc for our forthcoming Patagonia Mountaineering Expedition, which we are aiming to complete in late 2024 / early 2025 window. This is a mountaineering expedition, with technical segments — not a hike.

Mission Objective   Patagonia Mountaineering Exploration
Route   TBD > AllTrails
Difficulty Rating   Technical, Hard
Summit Elevation   7,000 – 11,000 ft / 2,100 – 3,400 m
Trailhead   0 ft (start at beach / ocean)
Vertical Gain   ??? ft
Distance   ??? miles round trip
Trip Window   TBD 2024 / 2025
Weather Forecast > patagonia weather primer


WTF is Patagonia?

Honestly, I hadn’t really even considered it for my adventures. I’d heard stories, sure. I was vaguely familiar with the brand.

Then Meesh mentioned it (“Denali! Patagonia! Pakistan! the Himalayas!”)

But what pushed me over the edge was an Instagram account that suddenly popped up in my feed (are they listening?!?!?):


Now, this Patagonia place is most certainly on the bucket list!

short answer: the name Patagonia generally references the mountainous region that encompasses the entire massive southern peninsula of South America (the “tail.), which extended from roughly -39° to -55° south latitude (informally, bounded on the north by the Colorado River (the South American one, not the one in the American Rockies), and the south by Tierra del Fuego. Nationality-wise, the western sliver is part of Chile, while the eastern chunk is within Argentina. It is my present guess that the ridgeline of the Andes mountain range is what defines the border between Chile (W) and Argentina (E).

…research pending…

Patagonia Mountaineering Inspo Imagery

Patagonia peaks and winding river - photo by Ty Lekki

The winding Rio de las Vueltas in #elchalten #patagonia #argentina — photo by Ty Lekki


Filo de Hombre Sentado - photo by Ty Lekki

Filo de Hombre Sentado (with climber) – photo by Ty Lekki


Patagonia Etymology

(if ChatGPT is hallucinating, I’m buying it)

Patagonia mountaineering etymology word meaning and origin ChatGPT


Patagonia Geography

Patagonia Map by NatGeo


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