Physical Culture Podcast e001 : Notes : Life Liberty & the Pursuit of ???

the Physical Culture Podcast

Physical Culture Podcast / Episode 001
Extended Notes & Links:

a conversation with Gregory Roberts & Abram Hodgens

recorded in Santa Monica, CA — March 29, 2024


01m Original Muscle Beach [OMB]

02m The First Conversation

03m the AI Tsunami

04m What is Money? What is Work?

  • the Age of Abundance
  • Why do you work?
  • What is UBI? Universal Basic Income

08m The Choice

  • Dystopia & Utopia simultaneously
  • Path 1: the “Corona on the Beach” lifestyle
    which leads to… sit on the couch & doomscroll all
    the digital bliss that the Algorithm feeds you
  • Path 2: get Lit; Live on Purpose

12m Answering: Why am I here?

  • What is the Purpose of Your Life?
  • Given unlimited resources, what would you create?
  • What were you put on Earth to accomplish?

22m Prayer: Path to Happiness

  • What is the most selfish Prayer?
    • “please god, show me the path to happiness”
  • What is the best prayer?
    • “dear god, show me the best way to serve you, and my fellow humans”

23m The Four Caste System
in India / Hinduism (Laws of Manu)

  • V. Dalit
    • aka Untouchables.
      not a formal part of the caste system, yet very much real.
  • IV. Shudras:
    • These people are often those that do
      manual labor
  • III. Waishyas:
    • These people often hold the job of
      farmer, trader, or merchant.
  • II. Kshatriyas:
    • These people are often known traditionally as ‘warriors.’
      They often hold the job of administrator or manager.
  • I. Brahmins:
    • The highest and most esteemed caste.
      These people often hold the job of priest or teacher.
  • link : the caste system explained

24m The Story of Siddhartha

25m The Declaration of Independence

29m Life is Suffering

  • What is Hell?
  • The Victimhood Trap

37m Generational Trauma / Sin

  • can we transcend the burdens of our parents?
  • is money & material possessions the key to happiness?
  • homelessness vs. millionaire

39m The Three Pillars of Health

  • Connection with Nature
  • Connection with our Bodies
  • Connection with Community

40m AI Refugees

42m Metaverse : Opiate of the Masses

  • feeding the people the algorithmically produced brainfood

44m Physical Video Gaming

46m Journey into Health

  • from video games to Physical Fitness
  • digital content consumers do not need physical bodies
    • World of Warcraft addiction / dropouts
  • true story: horseback riding in Mongolia (Shinjhong):
    • epiphany: “This is my heroic character!”
    • “This is my Quest!”

50m Life is Your Videogame

  • Let’s Play the Game for All its Worth
  • the game of RL is High Stakes — Hyper Real

55m You can do ANYTHING

  • Nothing is holding you back but your imagination
  • You can race a Triathlon,
    or ride a Horse,
    or climb Mount Everest
  • You only need to take the first step
  • Start Today!

58m The Fallacy of Comparing

  • use others as role models / aspirations / motivations,
    not comparisons / competitions

62m Natural High

  • Achieving Physical Fitness is a Wonderful Drug

63m Afro/Brazilian Capoeira

65m Running a Marathon, Cold

  • Greg’s brother : the Marine Corps Marathon
  • Marshall : an Iron Man Triathlon

69m Physical Culture

72m The Message

74m What does not Kill Us…



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