Physical Culture Podcast 001 PLAN : Human Flourishing in the Age of AI

Human Flourishing in the Age of AI

Physical Culture Podcast
Episode 001 — 2024.0329

intended topic / conversation outline:

  • Human Advocacy / Humans First
  • how AI changes things:
    • primarily : “job displacement”
    • aka unemployment
    • 0-10 year event horizon to 30% unemployment
  • what has to happen next
    • wealth redistribution
      • granted (govt) or taken (revolution)
      • civil unrest
    • UBI
      • how this might work
      • caveats
  • once we have:
    • basic needs met
    • UBI
    • substantial unemployment…
  • this forces the QUESTION:
    • what is your purpose?
    • why are you alive on planet earth?
  • Two vectors:
    • to drown in the addictions
      • drugs, alcohol
      • social media, videogames
      • sex, gambling
    • to rise to the highest human
      • living ON PURPOSE
      • authentic relationships
  • put another way:
    • Who is your God?
    • is it the idols of addictive black mirror pleasure
    • or is it love?
  • two results of superpowerful AI / AGI
    • concentration of power to global megacorps and capitalist interests
      • for these, humans are merely slaves
      • the only purpose is to take human money and
        move it into corporate coffers
    • democratization of power
      • for humans, they can get local / open source versions
        of the AIs to run on their own phones, watches, and laptops
      • and humans (individuals and communities)
        can USE it as personal force amplifiers