Quotes About AI 1955-2023

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quotes about AI:

“U.S. law should recognize individuals’ right to own and profit from their AI likenesses: We have the right to control our physical bodies and should have a similar interest in our digital representations across all datasets, media, simulacra and platforms…”

Tom Graham, CEO of Metaphysic
Axios AI Summit
Washington, DC : Nov 28, 2023

Intelligent agents are expected to act in complex domains where their goals and objectives may not be immediately achievable. They must reason about their goals and make rational choices of actions to achieve them.”

AI optimization techniques are often used on intractable / unsolvable problems in order to find solutions that are “good enough” for practical purposes.”

“AI agents performing in the real world have to ‘hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.’ Your goal will be to author an agent that uses this premise to make rational choices and thus achieve super-human performance in contests of logic, speed & skill, competing against adversarial agents.”

— Udacity Course Syllabus, “AI 101”

“Generative Design Tools use a computer, AI and algorithms to synthesize 3D geometry… to come up with new, novel designs, all by themselves. All it needs from you is: your goals, and your constraints.”

“Our tools are rapidly evolving from passive, to generative, and to their final destination: intuitive.”

Maurice Conti, TEDx

“A.I. will probably most likely
lead to the end of the world,
but in the meantime,
there’ll be great companies.”

Sam Altman, 2015


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