ronin (n): a Samurai (elite soldier) without allegiance to any Master. One who has either been exiled, or for other reasons has detached from the security, shelter and support of a Lord, and thus freely roams the land, a true Soldier of Fortune — using only his wits, wisdom, and sword to move through the world. The utter embodiment of the masculine Free Spirit.

My sword — my katana — is my laptop.

That is augmented by several other fetish items. They used to be gadgets back in the day, but Apple Design has successfully transformed these miracles of modern technology into objets-d’arte that are as delightful to touch as they are to use. In no particular order:

  • katana — Apple MacBook Air M2
  • wakizashi — Apple iPhone
  • helm — Apple AirPods Pro (2g)
  • armor — hangten insulated hoodie & stretchfit yoga pants — all black
  • stallion — custom carbon fiber triathlon bike
    — bareback (stripped of all pads) — 18.66 lbs
  • belt — tactical nylon web with quick release extra heavy duty buckle
  • provisions — 30mAh powerpack, fastcharge USB-C + Qi charging
  • the bridge — gLocalMe 5G portable WiFi router