Script to Movie AI v0.9 alpha is Here… Thesis, Proven

SYNOPSIS: In 2022, “AI Art” was all the rage — pretty pictures and paintings and “virtual photographs” created in an instant by generative AI agents, guided by nothing more than tweet-length text prompts (mostly) written by humans. In 2023, we expect an even bigger wave to hit the internets: AI Movies, or generative video… aka Script to Movie.

November 17, 2022

So, what is it? Script to Movie, is, quite simply, is the natural evolution from the explosive “Text to Image” generative art revolution of 2022. Say what?!? Well:


You’re a writer. You have an awesome idea. You want to make a movie of it. You labor for months (years), and craft the perfect screenplay. You have vivid ideas in your mind about the characters, the sets, the lighting… oh boy, some of those VFX shots are gonna be *pricey*… but hey, you have your vision, and you’re sticking to it. Now time to play the Hollywood/Sundance game, and shop the script… and shop, and sell, and pitch, and network, and… in 2010, your movie never got made.

But this is 2025, and there’s a new toy that is disrupting Hollywood more than cheap digital cameras & Final Cut Pro & VFX offshoring. Its Script2Movie, and this tool allows determined writers to transform their dreams into celluloid (or stream) for… the cost of a lobster dinner.

They simply upload their movie script, including detailed descriptions of characters, dialog, costumes, props, sets, camera angles & moves, scenes, cuts, transitions, audio beds, and VFX shots… upload it as a command script and… the A.I. synthesizes it, without the need for a single actor, cinematographer, PA, choreographer, cateror, set-builder, VFX artist, musician, costumer, armorer, make-up artist, stunt person, etc. Just write the script, tell it to render out to aspect ratio 16:9, rez 8k HD, duration 125 minutes, hit the button… BOOM.

Many saw this coming… its just that… it was hard to imagine how freakin’ fast it would materialize. Text to Image AIs (DALL•E 2, MidJourney) barely were hitting the public consciousness in July of this year (2022).

Just… 4 months later, and we already have…
well, here we are:

AI Script to Movie in action

/imagine: [prompt.script] GO:

Lots of traffic in futuristic city.
An alien spaceship arrives to the futuristic city.
The camera gets inside the alien spaceship.

The camera moves forward
until showing an astronaut
in the blue room.
The astronaut is typing
in the keyboard.
The camera moves away from the astronaut.
The astronaut leaves the keyboard
and walks to the left.
The astronaut leaves the keyboard
and walks away.

The camera moves beyond the astronaut
and looks at the screen.
The screen behind the astronaut
displays fish swimming in the sea.
Crash zoom into the blue fish.
We follow the blue fish
as it swims in the dark ocean.

The camera points up to the sky
through the water.
The ocean and the coastline
of a futuristic city.

Crash zoom towards a futuristic skyscraper.
The camera zooms into one of the many windows.

We are in an office room with empty desks.
A lion runs on top
of the office desks.
The camera zooms
into the lion’s face,
inside the office.

Zoom out to the lion
wearing a dark suit
in an office room.
The lion wearing a suit
looks at the camera and smiles.

The camera zooms out slowly
to the skyscraper exterior.

Timelapse of sunset
in the modern city.

— resolution : 256 w 256 h
— duration : 120 sec
— smoothmorph : true

The result?

The first Script to Movie AI Production

Script to Movie 1.0
Script to Movie, Phenaki v0.1 — 2022.11.17

Mark my words:

> AI rendered Feature Film on the arthouse circuit by 2025.

> AI Produced Summer Blockbuster by 2027.

> Academy Award for an AI created film by 2029.

Move over, Hitchcock! Things are about to get Weird!

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