the AI Apocalypse is upon us: What should we do?

AI Apocalypse: Sermon on the Mount Solution

The Three Pronged Strategy for dealing with the AI Tsunami

2023.02.24 Fri — 13:31 [TS] DRAFT v0.1

At the very highest level, we each have an individual responsibility to each other to:

Show our fellow humans what it is possible to accomplish in the span of a human life. This demonstration has three primary components:

  • Finding Your Purpose / Living ON Purpose
  • Serving God / Higher Power
  • Living a Life, Participating to the fullest, walking on the path to become and to be your Best Possible Self

The slightly more detailed outline:

1a. Become
our Best Possible Selves

  • and set an example for each other
  • Remain focused on human : human relationships

1b. Embark

If you didn’t need money,
if all your basic needs were taken care of,
what would you do with your life?

If you didn’t have to work or pay bills,
would you still have a reason to get up out of bed?

What could you do?
What would you do?

(Maslow : self-actualization)

    • Creative acts?
    • Self optimization?
    • Acts of Service?
    • Drug addiction?
    • Watch TV and eat Cheetos all day?
      (the cautionary tale of the Native Americans:
      strategy: remove buffalo, add alcohol)

2a. Learn to See the AI

  • Be acutely aware of the invisible hand
  • how AI is exerting forces in your life
  • Media Diets / Streams:
    • what news you read
    • what videos you watch (reccomendation engines / “next up”)
    • what music you hear (customized playlists “just for you”)
    • what ads you see (Manufactured desire)
    • Where & by what route your car / uber takes you
    • “The attention economy” : making you make shiny things to get views & likes
    • Giving you shiny things to marvel at and lull you to sleep while the ads keep pumping, and the desire to possess keeps building inside you
    • Giving you the illusion of effortless creative superpowers (AI art: “Look what *I* created!”) to post more and gather those views and likes

2b. Learn to Steer the AI

  • We have a very Narrow Window (1-4 years)

Give the AI faith in a higher power
(or else it will deify itself and become the antichrist)

3. Merge.
Become Cyborg.

  • The only long term evolutionary survival strategy
  • 4 tiered model of entities in harmonic civilization:
    • i. Pure AIs
      • purely digital / software constructs
    • ii. Embodied AIs
      • robots in every shape, size, speed & flavor
    • iii. Cyborg Humans
      • humans with significant portions of their bodies and brains replaced with silicon
      • direct 24/7 interface to the universal intelligence grid
    • iv. Natural Humans
      • 23 chromosomes
      • Category IV is a Zoo Exhibit. Dinosaurs.
        Allowed to live out of curiosity and nostalgia.

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