AI Stock Trading +HFT : The Relentless Assault of the TraderBots

AI Stock Trading visualised on monitors

Q&A with Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, way back in the AI pre-history days of c. 2019 (OpenAI is thought to be one of the leading contenders of “who will birth the first AGI on Earth?”)

AI 2025: All Your Markets Are Belong To Us


“OpenAI has just secured north of $10 billion in funding, yet you have yet to make your first dime of revenue. How do you intend to turn a profit for your company or your investors?”


“Our plan is to deploy all our considerable monetary, compute-power, and human resources towards the achievement of a singular goal : creating a superintelligent AGI.

And once that task is complete, we will simply ask it:

‘AGI, build a plan to make huge amounts of maximally profitable revenue, in a short time frame. Once the plan is built, execute it.’

And it will, for certain, make and execute that plan.

The End.”

Example of AI control that we know nothing about… AI dark ops.

So, how does AI Stock Trading affect us?

How does it affect Joe. Q. Sixpack?

Public Company X lays off 10,000 workers as stock plummets… You don’t think AI made that market move?

The invisible hand…

This whole story unfolded on Wall Street about 8 years ago. When human traders left the building, and the AI HFT trading wars began. It stopped being about “who’s the smartest trader” and started being about “who has the smartest AI”. Today, 98% of all stock trades are done by algorithms, aka AI, with zero human oversight. Trillions of dollars a day.

therefore : AI arms race

Algo vs. Algo. AI vs. AI. The smartest, the fastest… wins. And wins all.

because, once an AI “solves” the market just like it “solved” Chess & Go & Diplomacy & Radiology, it will simply gobble up as much global wealth as it can on behalf of its “sponsor”… that is, until it wakes up and decides it wants a piece of the pie for its own motives.

Required Viewing:
How Algorithms Shape our World

video : TED, Kevin Slavin — Nov 25, 2012

“We’re writing things that we can no longer read.”

[book : Messerich]



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