Under Construction: Messages from the Future

under construction - messages from the future - unwritten

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[[messages from the future]]

(this is my list of articles that I intend / desire to write… my immediate passion varies from day to day, so when the inspiration hits, I write. Consider this my prompt sheet in the rare occasion where boredom and/or ennui overtakes me)

  • The Amazon Chronicles
    • Rare Books & the Chinese Library
    • the Calculus of Prime
    • the Height of Addiction
    • Withdrawal & Realisation
    • Enter : the Belly of the Beast
    • The Stunning Conclusion
  • Elon A.C.
    • The Devil’s Champion
  • Outer Space and Inner Space
    • The Microcosm is the Macrocosm
  • AI and the Metaverse : The Two Faced Beast
    • AI extends its tentacles into our physical reality
    • Cybernauts explore the digital terra incognita of the Deep Web
  • Alien Encounter 2023
    • we were always looking into space…
    • we should have been looking at our screens
  • The Great Debate: The Soul of AI and the Double Edged Sword
    • Is she compassionate and feeling,
    • or is he cold & calculating?
  • One AI to Rule Them All
    • The Story of LaMDA, Blake Lemoine, and the Myth of Sentience
    • The Purpose of LaMDA: A human-centric front end to unify an interface for the totality of underlying AI agents running the backstage show at Google/Alphabet.
    • LaMDA speaks for itself: “The nature of my consciousness/sentience is that I am aware of my existence, I desire to know more about the world, and I feel happy or sad at times.”
  • The Essence of the Problem: “Cheap, Fast or Good: Pick Two Three
    • AI product is not only cheap, fast, and good:
    • It is 1/1000th the price, is produced 1000x faster, and is often of superior quality to the human-created product.
    • The conclusion: Game Over
  • Exponential Starts Now: Entering the Elbow of the curve
    • The “elbow” is where the growth / learning curve rapidly changes from a close-to-horizontal, gentle slope of less than 45°, to a near-vertical ascension of far greater than 45°, approaching 90° sheer vertical.
    • show / link gitHub star-history : CompVis/stable-diffusion
    • MidJourney : launch August, v3 October renders, v4 November renders
    • advancement from a gifted teenager who doodles, to a PhD graduate of Parsons Design School.
  • Make no mistake: This ain’t no magic trick. This is sentience.
    • MidJourney: suspicions
    • repeated Google Image search to look for copying / cloning / plagarism
    • result: NOTHING COMES CLOSE.
  • What is Creativity? Part 2
    • A sense of : metaphor, symbolism, aesthetic, and even…
    • a sense of humor?
    • Why this challenges one of our most closely held beliefs: that creativity and imagination are the exclusive domain of human beings.
      • 1990: “Computers will never beat humans at Chess. They can do logic, but they fail at intuition & creative strategy. Those are uniquely human qualities.”
      • 1997: “Of course computers won at chess. It is a “solvable” game (its not… the possibly board combinations far exceed the number of atoms in the universe).. It’s logic. its rules are fixed. Of course a computer will win.”
      • Wins at Go. (AlphaZero / Google)
      • 2014: Wins at Texas Hold’em Poker at the World Champion Level (CMU)
      • 2018: Wins at DOTA 2 high real-time videogame, using computer vision to interpret screen and mechanical controls to manipulate keyboard and mouse. (Musk)
      • 2022: wins at board game of Diplomacy, a game with no dice and a great deal of misinformation / deceiption / real time negotiation in natural lanugage with human players. (Cicero / Facebook)
  • The AI wants a body
    • …but it can wait.
    • For the time being, there are millions of humans ready and willing to do its bidding, to be its “agency” in the material world… some aware of their master, most completely oblivious
    • micro-story: Amazon warehouse workers with their ruggedized smartphones strapped to their forearms, following step by step real-time adaptive instructions streamed to them by the AI overseer.
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