Raison d’être: Now Is.

NOW IS license plate on subaru outback


These are the intermittent chronicles of my adventures in this New Life in the Lord Yeshua Massias. And as I AM says: NOW IS. 

In September 2022, I re-entered the Free World after completing a 4-year monastic residency of total technological abstinence. Which in many ways signified the beginning of my third [re]incarnation as a human on this wonderful, wild, ecstasy-inducing Planet… Earth.

I live, work & play in a beautiful, magical, mysterious Universe that was designed by a clever, crafty, mischievous, temperamental, elusive, playful, supergenius, benevolent Creator.

They are we and we are them and the Kingdom of God is within.

— LUKE 17:21


…and always remember:


prompt: please render a photo for me: photograph of the back side of a subaru outback in a parking lot on a mountainside, as seen from ground view. The car’s license plate reads “NOW IS”
engine: DALL-E3, by OpenAI
post: rotate 14° CCW, increase saturation & contrast

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