An Emoji Christmas Story (as told by AI version0.35)

Santa looks at an Emoji Christmas Story on his iPhone

And now for a little Holiday Cheer:
The Emoji Christmas Story!

This, from my clever colleague, Suzanne Rigdon [@RigdonTweet],
in one of her early sessions with the now-legendary ChatGPT…

SR: “Tell me
. . . .the story of Christmas
. . . .only using emojis.”






As you requested,
here is the story of Christmas
told through emojis


Santa Claus
is coming to town,
bringing presents and
spreading joy to everyone.


Christmas is a time for
celebrating with family and friends,
decorating the tree and
exchanging gifts.


Gifts are wrapped and
placed under the tree,
waiting to be opened
on Christmas morning.


Mrs. Claus helps Santa
prepare for the big day,
making sure everything
is ready for the celebrations.


Everyone is at home,
enjoying the warmth
and comfort of being
with loved ones.


A bright star
shines in the sky,
guiding the way to
the birthplace of Jesus.


Mary and Joseph
journey to the stable
in Bethlehem,
where Jesus is born.


The story of Jesus’ birth
is told in the Bible and
is celebrated by Christians
around the world
on Christmas Day.


Christmas trees
are a symbol of the holiday,
representing the evergreen trees
that were used to decorate
the stable where Jesus was born.


The celebrations continue
with feasts, carols, and other traditions,
as people come together
to celebrate the birth of Jesus
and the joy of the holiday season.


Gifts are exchanged,
and everyone has
a wonderful time,
filled with love
and cheer.


The story of Christmas
is a beloved tale that is told
and re-told every year,
bringing joy and happiness
to people all around the world.


And I thought that the AI might have been aspiritual.
We hope you have enjoyed this Emoji Christmas Story.

Merry Christmas to All,
and to All a Good Night!