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Full Transcript of
the Physical Culture Podcast e001
G: Welcome!
A: Welcome!
G: to the PCP podcast: Physical Culture!
A: physical culture.

…in a physical world.

This is Abram Hodgens…
A: [0:14] and this is Gregory Roberts.
G: yes!
A: yes!
G: and we are pumped!
A: We’re pumped cuz we’re on PCP!
G: [0:19] and we just like to have conversations about all kind of, like, wide ranging topics including human optimization…
A: yeah… the meaning of life! um… I think we’re both sparked by a

lot of Curiosities… and, um…

G: Let’s give some background
A: [0:40] right… well — I was going to start with how we met
okay because I feel like that actually like says a lot about our friendship…
event I think okay right I was I was teaching my Smooth Moves body
weight movement Mobility class at original Muscle Beach of Santa Monica and um sometimes I do that I get

kind of like pretty animated and very like um you know i’ like to inject humor

into it and Gregory shows up and I I feel I forget exactly how the first like

my normal moments went but basically my normal thing at the beach is I just go and find the prettiest girl and and ask

her if she wants to fly and do some acrobat yeah I had longer hair than what but that day specifically I was

getting tired of that routine and I was like you know what I just want to have a conversation with a human and and and at

the moment I Ste on the drein there was AG yeah that that sounds bad though cuz

you’re like like women aren’t humans you know no I mean I could have been a girl or a guy it matter I just want in other

words I wasn’t going to be physical right I just want to have a conversation yeah and it turns out at least in my

recollection of it that you and I talked for like the next two hours about God and yeah it wasn’t quite two hours I

just finished my class at fake and um I think one of the things that like initially like connected us was

like I think you remember like I and said something a quote from the Bible yeah and it was you remember which which

one it was no because I think I was just thinking about this I think it could have been um like

the uh um oh crap would what is it now it’s

the uh kingdom of God is the bit right that could have been it because I’m 1721

right so I was teaching the class like teaching the sorry Luke 17 the yeah the whole reason I was quoting that

essentially was because the idea that we should be taking care of our temples and um yes you know I think this is like a a

sensual idea that is rarely really like integrated into any kind of religious

practice and if I could expand on that a little bit like when you say Temple there what I’m hearing you say is our

our corporeal bodies yes exactly yeah as as a symbolic Temple right yeah and uh

yeah so the other thing that I I sending a lot of time on and I respect you as a fellow expert Ain is is

AI yeah yeah because you use it every day or many days um yeah sometimes I

shoot out tests true and sometimes work that would have

Tak me 10 hours in half an ounce yes yeah um but uh with AI coming down the

pipe and so fast and furious basically like I think we’ both seen things the last years that at at least in I’ll just

speak for myself like they they they transcended my expectations and my timelines yeah largely like things are

coming fast and what does that what challenges does that give us as

individuals and communities and what opportunities does that provide um to

your point out of the temple one of the conclusions that I’ve come to I think that we we’ll talk about more is that

being as physical as possible like in our bodies in our temples is a very good

solution to the next 20 years yeah I couldn’t read more actually um

because I think right now the I mean money money from my understanding essentially represents work it can it

can it’s energy it’s an energy yes right I think the per form is an energy exchange and you get the money by doing

by expending your own energy right so it’s it’s a transfer there and then you use that money to pay

for some somebody else’s energy so like the the the time that it took to grow

the food or the rather the all the human hours that went into uh in a basic dire

Services exactly just like a very simplis way of looking at at money potentially with AI That’s now

being decoupled right you’re going to have like maybe like getting that food

means that yes you’re there like you pay the money but there’s actually no human

man hours spent to create the food sounds super science fiction but

that’s the that’s the vision of a lot of the the uh movers and shakers of our world right so this is the the concept

is that we’re entering into an age of abundance um where the means of

production are moved to machines at very low energy costs so

very low monetary costs and that every single he on Earth has enough food shelter

and you know basic basic sustenance yeah that everybody has the basic things

so that’s interesting I I do believe that that will happen um I also think

that that’s not the Utopia that is being sold to us as uh I think that puts a

huge Challenge on people my perception of the world these

days when you say work like a lot of people are attached to their work and a lot of people are doing work that they

don’t necessarily like love like like I’m working to pay my rent to put food on the table and to save up for my kids

education you or order to go on vacation right but if you’re in ag of abundance

you’re effectively on Permanent Vacation and that forces the question upon upon you of what why are you want planet

Earth what are you here to do um right and and and I want people I would like

people to be prepared to answer that question which a lot of people have not had that lury right right they allow

people have a very like sophomoric view of what their ideal lifestyle would be of like the corona you know on the beach

lifestyle which is great for like I hope ask weekend it’s great right but if you

have like a high stress life or maybe a week but then after that you’re like there’s no there’s no intrinsic meaning

to that I think you’re going to uh drag way too much if you do that so I think a lot of people in I cre too much you know

I recently had a um been trying to have a conversation with my father about his

retirement and um to what degree that corresponds with other people I don’t

know but you know he had no vision for his retirement no no no road map at all

and you know that’s pretty terrifying um and

maybe you know even in my life it’s hard to it’s been hard for me to plan out more than a couple even a couple months

at the time sometimes right and I think one of the lessons that I I had to learn

is like man like you’re going to get to that time anyway but you need to set up so like you’re at where you want to be

when you reach that time so and we all may reach that time pretty soon now yeah

yeah um I feel like there’s I mean Ian I’m very much into to dualities and

binaries so I feel like there’s two privary paths that that people can choose to take yeah what is that cronal

lifestyle plus meth and cocain and porn and video games oh it’s

good do that’s that’s just drown on the couch there’s no way that’s not going to be a lot of people right and and this is

the downside of the I feel is that these algorithms these content production algorithms are going to make the best

Doom strolls the best Tik toks and the best video games that you’ve ever

experience in your life like staring into these screens we’re just be like

that it’s amazing and and well we can drown in like the best video game ever for tailored for us build on the fly so

that’s that’s one option because if I get food on the table on a roof over my head and I’m providing for maybe I just

want to do that but maybe also that’s all that the system is allows us to

participate in allows yeah because there hasle get so back on the nature of money

and work um part of the idea of like taking this vacation is like generally

people are going well if you’re if you’re if you’re traveling outside of the the Western World gener generally

you’re going to a country maybe of uh of last year means right well yes different

um different currency exchange and all this so so your your dollar is stretch

further but in the in the in the potential world of um AI or egalitarian

Universal basic income well we’ll get back to that in a second what what is exactly does that

look like in the sense of like well is is there some like degree of like

like uh I what to some the book this is that um maybe it’s not truly egalitarian

where like we don’t we only have enough uh extra resources for the individual to

just basically have the roof over their head have their highspeed connection to the to the Apple Vision Pro and so

you’re you’re you’re living in some kind of like fantas contained reality contain

reality completely separated from the body essentially you’re on the feet yeah you’re in the matx you’re in The Matrix

exactly right you’re in The Matrix maybe that’s the the the story here it’s I mean we should be it’s a little

dystopian it is a little dystopian can we have dystopia and Utopia at the same time yes okay I think I to think I think

in some ways we already do yeah heaven and hell are already represented here on Earth and look can we touch in the Ubi for a

second yeah to bring people yeah so Ubi Universal basic income is essentially

this idea that once the means of production are mechanized and roboticized uh and

globalized and EMB get C that that every single citizen on planet Earth is getting essentially like let’s just say

$5,000 a month right right so of of goods and services so

that that just happens it’s like it’s basically Universal welfare and the reason that this happens is because with

this mechanization of Labor unemployment is somewhat

unavoidable like at least in my in my world view we’re getting to 30% unemployment within 10 years

easy um and and so we have a responsibility as a society to provide for those people because as a society we

build this technology um and uh so that’s yeah the

question is once Ubi is in place what are the people on vacation actually

do right yeah and uh I want to tap the utopian side of the picture okay which

is that if people are prepared to look in the mirror and decide what they want

their life to be worth and decide proactively and heroically what they want to accomplish their mission what

you want to call that um then it’s a great opportunity you know if you don’t if the

thing I always used to ask people that I mentored is like if you didn’t have to make money if you had $10 million in

your bike time then what would you do right and that’s a

h hopefully the answer that someone comes to is that’s what you should be doing anyways right whether you have

zero or 10 million because that’s your highest purpose on Earth yeah and and I think getting people into that mindset

which some people have not dared to imagine previously you know they may be like that’s my dream but it’ll never

happen but now it’s like that’s your dream and it can happen

today I think a lot of people don’t know what that dream is too for themselves for themselves I I this is a question

I’ve always had a hard time answering myself um I remember growing up I never had an answer of like what I want to be

when I grow up and as a result not having a specific Vision or Endo I was

wanding around fairly aimlessly fortunately I had I’m fortunate I had a

lot of different experiences and a lot of different Adventures as a result of that without maybe the typical planning

route that a lot of people have to go through how did you make your your like your day and day decisions of like I’m

going to travel to Shanghai now um that’s a good question because uh there

was a couple events I think that um kind of gave me like created a certain

philosophy in my in my experience um one of them was I moved around a lot growing

up so the idea of home or some kind of stability wasn’t really like ingrained

in me so wasn’t like leaving wherever I was wasn’t really leaving home and um I

was just going to be in another Strange Land doesn’t matter where it was going to be and um and your home was here

uh that I mean that was part of the journey I don’t know I don’t at that point I didn’t know you know there was

no like solid concept of home um another event was when I was uh 19 a friend of

mine died in a car accident and she was of course very young and she represented

a very like passionate kind of um curious um energy and I felt

like it it was it was almost a waste of like a perfect beautiful life and I’m

like I I can’t let my life be a waste and and I need to I want to take on some of that energy and that that kind of

that that concept of uh live with passion so that was Li something that I wanted to to have in my life and not

something that um that you do I from m i yeah I try I

mean yeah I think I still tried to and that was something early on that I wanted wanted and then also

um there’s just a concept of an interesting like uh

all and I saw you know I think this is a very common experience for a lot of Medal too

is like you see your parents working so hard and really not receiving very much

and it made me just question like what’s the meaning of life what’s the purpose of this what you know I don’t care about

having expensive things I remember when I was uh I got my first

job as an adamor and I was paid more than I needed at the

time I was very used to living with with very like almost almost nothing and I remember I had a a

cooworker who’s a little bit younger than me even and he was buying a new car buying huge TVs and I’m like I don’t

want any of that and so really like I was I was living and working in South Dakota at the time and I was just like

I’m just looking out amongst the corn fields and feeling like there’s nothing for me here I don’t understand why I

can’t build I don’t I don’t I don’t have a vision to build akare um and so that’s how to put in

South Dakota and so that that made me look outward um and it look outward and

look outward you did yeah so what was the what was your result it was the

question we’re just like conversing it it well I guess the question for everyone is and I think it would

be healthy for people to start asking this is to look in the mirror and say

why am I here that that’s to to to really and and to answer the question if

I had a limited resources what would I build in this world what what Legacy would I start to construct yeah you know

what in in a 100 years or asking you know my 100 closest Associates what

would they say my life represented and what would I want them to say yeah right

so again I don’t think a lot of people have have had the freedom to ask or

answer that question and I think that freedom is coming um the dangerous side of it is just to

not answer the question and and become a bum basically a welfare bum right the

the upside is that a billion people on planet Earth all living on purpose consciously

and executing their highest vision of themselves is a that’s Utopia to me like

just people just firing on all cylinders and and building wonderful things and

that’s kind of like burning man on planet Earth yeah one of

my um one of my questions in this

experience is like how should we live and that was one the reasons why I

wanted to travel is to see how the world lives and and how we used to live even

and you know and that you know that leads me to the the the the overall

looking at our current society that we have constructed and I feel like we’re far

too disconnected we’re far too from our families from

our communities most I feel most I think I

think most people don’t really have much Community outside and this is this is an area I

challenge this is an area where most of church please do this is an area where like church I think and religion and

spirituality really helped um you know a lot a lot a lot of of Civic life and

Community flew like flowed from the chur from the church the the church not being

the power structure but the the Gathering of people with belief EXA to

do good works it doesn’t it doesn’t necessarily matter which church or which which which religious community but that was kind of the purpose and as you

probably know um the irr IR irreligious are the the fastest growing group of of

religions in America I was not open yeah um I think it just in my that’s not atheist that’s just not associated with

any denomination or yeah okay yeah it’s uh yeah um I think I don’t know most people

yeah most people still of course believe in God to some degree in their own way and thinking of course and think that

thank maybe I don’t know I I I I would I I will just speak strongly of that if I

wa I’ll say this real quick I’m not sure to what degree the the point of

believing just believing in God is um without the maybe necessary Community or

or practice um behind that wa or CH almost or or or believe

like I could speak from my own personal experience too is like believing in God in the sense of like do you believe in

god um I think so yeah and I think what’s important like what that means is

like it’s like if you believe in something like it’s like asking to believe in gravity CU if yes then you’re

then your be Behavior most change then your behavior will change right black holes are the kind of yeah but I felt

something that like you interact with your daily light NOS that right and like the con like again the question is like

well what is God maybe God is simply the highest uh good that we can conceptual as that’s a great definition yeah yeah

and just the SP of the sake of Just Surrender into something like maybe it’s it’s uh it’s worthwhile to head try to

head towards something higher than you which is the highest could be conceptualist yes I I can say personally

that I considered myself until a few years ago just a spiritual person what

does that mean admit that I felt there was

something out there something higher than humans and at the same time my ego was

so large that I basically felt a one toone relationship with that

like I the first couple times I at mushrooms my my what I thought my

realization was is I’m God and that’s kind of how I moved to the world like

I’m God’s manifestation on Earth and and this universe is my projection do you

still feel that way absolutely not it was it was a completely ego-driven uh worldview and it did not serve me um it

served me in some worldly ways yeah that they gave me enough arrogance and confidence to command things and that

worked but it was empty and when I did

actually fully acknowledge and invite them to my heart and essention the word of it use to surrender because that’s

what it was when I surrendered to to to a higher power in my case Jesus or

Yeshua and with my whole world just want like because up until that point I pray

I and it sounds weird but I pray to to God even though you myself even you that

how how you do it you once yeah external and internal gut and if that that was

like a cognitive specific like your pray you’re like no like kind it wasn’t that

it wasn’t that okay but it was it was to some external power but I was like to all external power in the universe my only prayer was show me the path to

happiness okay it was which which I didn’t realize so I was like horrible idea well there was years I did that and

I never got great answers I got some answers but once I surrendered to God I

realized that was the most selfish prayer in the world can I I ask you on that idea let me let me finish real okay

so what the thing that changed on that day it wasn’t intentional is my prayer changed from show me the path to

personal happiness to show me how I can best serve God and and my fellow humans

yeah it was like from Master to Servant and it and and then I was happy I was

immediately happy yeah and I was like why that was can I ask you why why is it

wrong to like how Denon says your highest order

I’m not going to call it wrong it’s I would to call it I mean that sounds wrong to me what pursuing something

that’s empty that seems like the wrong thing oh why would you not call it

wrong because I think it’s part of people’s Journey like if you look at the Hindu model of like you know all the way

from the four classes basically from a

worldly I don’t know what you call it someone totally locks the Earth and then someone totally in the spirit world yeah

the path is basically like have all the sex you want do all the drugs you want get all the money you want like do all

the worldly things until they no longer mean anything for you you have to go through that as part of your journey as

spirit and then you can say oh they you just toys you know I yeah okay and and

if and if someone’s in that zone good like that’s part of it some people don’t need to experience that they already

think they can skip that part yeah and I think that’s also the story of the Buddha right is that he had all the

worldly possessions all the wives all the things that he wanted living in a palace and he had to BR PR back to have

the realization yeah and then he indulged in it again he became a businessman and had has had a a

prostitute for a wife the most beautiful woman in town and this at the other and and again he he left the boat wow yeah

that’s a I didn’t know that second part yeah that’s that’s important because like like a lot of times I’m like oh man

I thought I’d learned that lesson well the the first one you I mean since he was a PR he was gred right like he was

born into that luxury and didn’t know anything else and then he went aesthetic and then he actually the second one he

kind of built himself like you know he he he was an entrepreneur and things so

like that was more self-actualized yeah but he came to the same conclusion again Mone he just just beat right so I on the

on the question of like why why not why not pursue happiness and I think if you ask for hundreds in

Declaration of Independence yeah that actually could Point um life and the pursuit of

happiness Happ Jefferson okay interesting interesting I didn’t

actually make that connection from like a national uh um like every single human

on earth should read the Declaration of Independence it is a is a miraculous amazing document I don’t agree with the

whole thing but it’s that the fact that humans wrote that yeah it’s like what I need to brush up on that then totally

page the half totally page him the half I think you know the problem that is it’s like you know the first sline is in

Big Font yeah then everything is like I think you might be talking about the Constitution it says we the people okay

you’re right I’m talking that’s that’s SL not how does the direct you don’t have the Declaration of independent

starts Oh I thought we all these truths to be

self-evident is it I believe it is okay I believe you just got yeah yeah yes I love that part we all these truths to be

self-evident it’s obious [ __ ] Jefferson was a poet and and a rabid

Anarchist yeah was one of my favorite founding fathers of all time I think he’s he’s he’s always the favorite right

some I had a a colleague who was really really really into um harison I think

okay initial Secretary of the Treasury and yeah him and Jefferson were like this oh

interesting he was a structure guy and Jefferson was just like tearing off but you need both that’s a duty but you a

duty and made both you can’t only have one of that both and that maybe that was like the tra if it wasn’t for Harrison

maybe that would have just been like the undo I hope it’s Harrison I I I’m feeling that’s not the right name but

it’s something like that it’s the guy with a $20 bill and just no because he was he was the first one

to start the the first um Central Bank har on no Andrew J I

believe M yeah so B like while you’re doing that I

want to talk a little bit more back on on the concept of of why it’s generally

inadvisable to I I think Hilton I was in Haron yeah J that Hamilton we were

talking I doesn’t matter Hamilton’s the right guy okay yeah so Hamilton is the structuralist and the and the the muddy

guy Jefferson is the anarchist and the the heart guy and yeah that was a perfect chemistry cool cool so so on the

subject of of Pursuit of Happiness um which sounds so like

radically indulgent and um it it is but

it’s also sharply against the the judeo-christian

values SC sh away to St founded on which is not entirely true keep put it um

that’s really interesting yeah so anyway so the pursuit of happiness right and so the question is like that I’m having is

like well I think like why I don’t think that

that happiness should be the highest order of of pursuit and the reason for

that is life sometimes does not have happiness there’s it’s I don’t know if

it’s necessarily impossible possible but when you’re you know we’re all going to

face suffering hor horrible suffering your life and as as St with the dread pirate

Robert exactly life is suffering like anyone who tells you’re different is trying to sell you something I remember

I remember if I if I may I remember one time my my father came home from work and sat down at the dinner table it was

time to pray and he just sits there like I think like one of these ones you know just like he’s just

like life is hell and that really really stuck with

me really stuck with me he said that oh yeah and he invent it and he still means it you he’s he’s still he’s he’s he’s he

per he he really takes it in and personifies it this is the conversation I recently had with a friend maybe it

was my father I can’t identify the right person no it’s my brother and

Yeah Carl forgive me for disclosing this but I’m just going to do it you know we were talking talk about what is hell he

was asking me as a Bible reading person do I believe in the literal heaven and

hell yeah do you uh I’m open to the idea not attached to it yeah um because I’m

very attached to this life on Earth and my answer what I ended up developing and

saying on short order was what I think hell is is living on planet Earth this

human life without belief in God and and he broke down and was like

like that’s my hell he goes I am in that hell no it is hell and I was like and and and looking back on my life before

God I like like you I felt totally aimless

like I I had knocked a lot of accomplishments under my belt but they didn’t mean anything to me and and I was

actually confused when I looked like I tried to write an autobiography and I was like there’s no

narrative thread here this is a bunch of random experiences that don’t even relate to each other at as my life like

I should be the one who could see where is is headed and I couldn’t and I was like like that very much frustrated me

because I just felt like I was bumping around like a like a pinball yeah yeah I

mean I think that one of my prevailing questions to the great ether is like

what the hell is this [ __ ] what is this this is so bizarre like we deep

out right read like these Meat Puppets that were like launched out of like this exploding universe and now it’s like I

thought you just say launched out of exploding vinus which also is part of the that equation

right um ideally not explo and perfect wait I’m going to edit that for

now um yeah and so uh that’s that’s

definitely been my question at least for the last decade of like what is this

where do I fit into this and

um what should be the highest order um to pursue I found the answer what’s the

answer my answer was again in that same moment where I switched my prayer from happiness to to service it was oh my God

all these life experiences these random things like learning about Ai and doing

art and traveling to to Asia and and meeting these people and having these

people as friends who will answer my my calls right all around the world like why all this and I was like

oh because this is like the team and the mission to go forward for the next 50

years to really serve humanity and serve God and like make the world a better

place like honestly before what I was on the happiness thing my highest goal was

make $10 million you know give some to my kids have a Lamborghini have fun in the world that

was it yeah like that that was my that’s what I wanted to do and I was on that

pth nothing wrong with that nothing wrong with that inally right but and it didn’t it didn’t satisfy me I felt like

once I had I never got the Lamborghini don’t want it anymore um but once I had that why wouldn’t I want a Ferrari 2 and

then why would I want a yacht and why wouldn’t I one you know all these toys yeah but

and now like and and so in in that framework all

those people and thing were tools right tools to achieve my selfish goal now all those people are like a

super team and you’re part of this to like just like just kick ass and and serve

the world and make the world a better place for everyone like that’s I’m excited about

that I’m amped about that yeah and it all makes sense to me like all these little skills all these relationships

and all these experiences they all built up to this if if I didn’t have those experiences and those connections I

wouldn’t be able to do this this and this yeah yeah I think that um I know

speaking of that in my whole life is um you kind of have to go through the fire and flames to to or and this more

specifically just have some have some suffering have some uh builds character

it builds character but also in kind of is like I buils compassion and empathy

um yeah there’s there’s there’s experiences that I’ve had in my life like

um um actually I don’t probably shouldn’t talk about that right now but there’s

yeah but I’ve had some some tough experiences that have made me realize like maybe how how I’m also like like

presenting myself in the world and how other people are um how I can show up in other people’s

lives to uplift and and that’s a really like if you if you if you put that on yourself

to be like I want to be a force for good at the world that’s that’s a heavy heavy burden to bear almost because are you

wearing that burden trying to I think you did a great job I’m trying to I really do that’s I think that that’s and

to me to me that’s what what it means to have faith in God and that is to to pick up that bird and it willingly be like

you know what I got to I got to suffer through something in life right I got to Bear something in life you know and and

you what you don’t want you don’t want to be suffering for no reason right which that’s I think we all know people

who are attached to that to that and I’m worried that that’s going to be me or that is me you know but like really part

of for sure part of that like worry is like well let’s constantly try and adjust our our he and our path and our

our trajectory on that um because you know suffering aimlessly

I feel like that’s kind of what my dad is doing hm and you know I know a few people who I

feel are suffering aimlessly and I’ve tried to help them

they agree with my ability yeah and found them pretty much I might just try again some more direct communication but

just trapped your victim with you know capes yeah and and some people are very

attached to that narrative right and and perhaps it’s

there’s some magic words or gestures that can be done to pull them out I haven’t founded it yet on those things I

mostly like I couldn’t work it out maybe to be 10 years one of my firm beliefs I

think is is the that we all have the burden of

transcending the sins of our our our parents or our family is this generational trauma yeah that’s that’s

another way to put it it’s generational trauma sins is very you know very maybe a vague term it’s a loaded term I tend

to use a lot of like maybe religious or or loaded terms like this I think you’re your usage of the word sin is accurate

yeah it’s also for some people might not be the right word because it’s St loaded

right so my my concept of sin is not the idea of like there’s a there’s a God judging you based on these as in form

but it’s really dependent to the individual and it’s the idea of um essentially just falling short of your

own ideals amen right I agree so it’s like not doing your best not just not

doing your best and you and you know that’s s then I agree is that that

that’s true yeah yeah um so I think really like part of the whole point of

life is for each of us to transcend that our our traumas upbringing or our

parents like the the burdens that our parents gave us and for everybody that’s different mhm and for some people it’s

very minimal and for some people it’s very heavy and I feel even for the

people who it’s minimal from our perspective it’s the right amount for better like I used to things like you

know the Royals were like nothing to worry about it they’re like the is pretty inbred dude there’s a lot of like

traa in that well I yeah and you just you watch their lives you’re like you know what they’re going through into [ __ ] yeah like they may have all the

Jets and all the things and yeah but it’s they still get ripped apart on the inside like every every single person

their journey and like you said there’s joy and suffering in this in this beautiful Journey yeah and that’s kind

of like we love we like we each of us wants to be rich each of us wants to be free of suffering and have comfort and

then under part out I mean I I’ll yeah I’ll accept it if it have but but a lot of it is is like we also to like have an

idealistic cartoonish version of what that life will be and while yes there’s definitely more comfort and and stresses

that are are not afforded to them there’s there’s no escaping The Suffering of life so yeah let me touch

on the rich per pimp real quick okay so just biographically I’ve been a

billionaire which probably wasn’t that much anymore but it was something in the 9s and I’ve been completely homeless

like living in Golden Gate Park with a tar like a sleeping bag

um those are no joke those are almost opposites of my happiness potion when I

was homeless I did what I all I wanted to do like I I was having fun my question is

what did you want to do with that I was just doing a lot of acrobatics and just like meeting up with friends and like

wow yeah okay Carell’s in the park okay yeah during the day and okay just like

go back into forest at night I’m wake it up at 6 a.m. yeah I mean I I think that

at at its purest form I think you’ve hit the nail the head of what we need is like connection with nature um

connection with their bodies and then connection with the community yes

yes I’m I’m I’m in support of that program yeah yeah so and to I Dil that

into what like the broader topic here yeah yeah you said you said connection with nature connection with our bodies

and connection with Community yeah these are the three foundations of

the of the Pyramid of the of the thing that are going to support us as

technology comes and AI comes and go like those three things are the

health of our Mod’s nature which is like Eternal essentially on earth right

like being in the for I was like AI is going to hit the cities first it’s going to hit like the himalaya’s last

yeah and some yeah yeah um and then Community is is the jam

right like I mean when like authentic community that you can

actually lean on yeah and and like and be vulnerable with one of our earlier

compan yeah and just uh and trust and yeah you know I’m I’m uh I have the

imagery now of like um a a AI Refugee going into the

Himalayas and you know going down into the valley and finding a a you know a

family of yers or something and he’s like don’t you know that the world is is is like Society is collapsed the world

is ending and they’re they they’re like very confused they’re like we got it all here man we got the sky we have our Yaks

we have our community our family what are you talking about um and we can have

a little part of that o beat original russle Beach for the we don’t know like the the world’s one of

the world’s best playgrounds um you know I think the AI and future of

work has the potential to take away a lot of that you know our communities are moving online by and large for a lot of

people but they don’t have to they’ll have to but I’m just saying that’s been the trend the the healthiest people I

know like I I pretty much stopped using Facebook completely but the healthiest people I know are like I only go on

Insta or Facebook maybe the Tik to to DM to coordinate a face to- face meeting of

course but a large coh of people like the the metaverse is not being built for

Mark zuer Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk will not be on the meterse that’s for

like that’s the op of the masses and neither were their kids and neither were their kids for sure but and so the

there’s a there’s a portion of society that’s like this is this they recognize it as junk food and they have the

resources to stay away from it but that’s the the metaverse will just say as as a casual phrase for like a more

interconnected digital world where where use I don’t know what kind of devices

we’ll have or well the yes but the point is is like that’s kind of robbing us of the physical culture robbing us of the

connection to our bodies uh connection to real community and to um and also to

Nature where you have you put on the headset and you’re like okay I’m in a forest so so I had a a video game

company in the in the 2000s and the whole point was honestly this was the the structure

Reas for the company was to teach people how to play physically and

to and so it was projector based with these you know big like movie projectors

you know and fully interactive we have like Machine Vision cameras you so it was basically a virtual world projected

onto the wall that was a community space so we had like sometimes 16 people playing what sometimes 100 people play

it was on these huge projection walls um and it was like volleyball and soccer

and rock climbing like cool stuff and my idea with the whole company was we’re

going to show people how to rock climb virtually and of course they’re going to go straight to yed and rock plight like

who w we just ging with Sam FL and what do you think happened

what all to a tea everyone we interviewed afterwards vo groups were like when can I get this in my living

room yeah I was like no no no never is the answer like like I I’m well the

question is not never the question is actually right now you can do all these same right but the go yeah yeah like SC

like you describ as like Supernatural you know the you know reer yes yeah the

boxing yeah so it it’s basically like a workout class that you do in virtual reality and it’s it’s a real class but

you don’t have to leave your R Leo yeah I’m going to all my time on that one but I guess the biggest thing

is that so what you’re saying

is real physical like you in gym you can do body weight exercises right like we H our

temples they’re capable and we have planet Earth and it’s huge and there’s

surfaces to play on everywhere there’s a park everywhere for people do cars everywhere yeah and yeah and so that’s

like it doesn’t mean to be like half an hour every other day at the gym it can

be wherever you are just bust it out and use your body yeah yeah and which is

yeah exactly right how can I Traverse a little bit so

you might not be able to tell by his tight t-shirt but a is a specimen and uh you are you’re a

physical specimen and and I’m curious the term is freak measure well I would

actually wouldn’t go that very know very fit so the question is at what point in your life did you prioritize Fitness so

I that’s I grew up as a gamer for for first and for a video game video gamer I

was Counter Strike um Starcraft you know that that was also

how I connected with friends um I was homeschooled for a short time and of course you getting into to computer

world when you’re doing that and then when I went to school the first friends I made were based on on on gaming and

and that was kind of what our friendships were um and that’s I don’t

know I think that’s relatively rare then compared to now um

but looking back on that experience in my in my teens and early 20s there was

no no actually to my body and all right um body was completely useless I could

have lived my life the same way without a body it would have actually made my life easier if I didn’t have a body I

was also attached to my computer as a youth and my fantasy was to get the IV drip I didn’t have to and a cast nurse

so I didn’t have to go to the bathroom and I didn’t have to get to have meals yeah yeah yeah so I get it and so

um I’m glad you asked this question because I actually did have like an epia a coming to God kind of moment when I

was uh I was I was in Northwestern China in a in a province called

shinjang um doing a multi multi-day Horse

Adventure horse back tree intense and Ys and and you know you

travel for a day not see anybody and then you just come across a couple of yurs with some some sheep you know and

that’s their life and they live in that world well when um but I remember just

having just like almost it was it was almost like a St before yet seeing the absolute Beauty around me

and I thought like man I should preface this as well by saying I had a very good

friend who was essentially like completely sucked into the World of Warcraft a lot of you guys will know

this my kid wor yeah a lot of you guys will know this but like he you know he was my roommate for a while childhood

friend and he he really literally locked himself in the room for like a year just

playing if he stopped going to class dropped out of college wow and he was that so he was deep yeah he was deep

into it and I had a couple other friends who really also just didn’t pursue anything else in life other than just uh

gaming in their free time and so their the rest of their life like suffered as a result of that

but um when I was in that moment in in Shin Jong I was just o overwhelmed with

like the idea of like you know what this is my this is my character this is my quest yes this is how I’m leveling up

yes and I’m like this is way more and interesting because like it’s real all the inputs are here I was like I wanted

to like you know how great would it be I was thinking before maybe how great would it be to like experience the computer more experience whatever kind

of like instead of just a visual feedback of what you’re doing on the screen have some kind ofur neurol link

where you plugged in you’re having that you’re like wait a second that’s what this is right in in

32k 3D yeah 360 yeah so that was like fatile that’s what that’s what this is

so let’s try and and and play the game for all it’s worth so that was an epiphany that I had and as a result of

that um as a result of that yeah well really

really quick yeah I share that Epiphany when when I had that video game company

everyone started asking me what video games do you play and I was like I design video games for 10 hours a day I

don’t play any video games anymore I’m done with playing video games and the switch that went off in my head was exactly the switch that went off your

head I was like this is my video game I play every day yeah I I see a stranger that I’m interested I just walk right up

to like an NPC I’m like what’s that you know like no fear you hit the reset button if you die it’s all good haven’t

had to hit that reset button thank God you know I haven’t heard too many people talk about like the the life experience

and the confli of like this is actually your video game this is your game yes high stakes and high steak for real and

super very realistic right but most real very realistic um it’s a I think it’s a

healthy model it’s hethy model I think I think where a lot of us want the Escape though is again like obviously from

negative emotion but also like the monotony of of everyday life a lot of us

myself included it’s like it’s very easy just to get to a rhythm up every day is like gending into each other and you

just you know that’s when putting on the VR Goos are having like the hyper real experience right you experience withi in

your present day life um I’m asking this because I see Abe as a very like he’s always doing

something he’s B BL I need I need a lot of stimulation okay clearly I need a lot of simulation you you get a lot of

stimulation right I need I need a lot of notel see in loving SC your Baseline is higher than most yeah I think that’s

also a driving uh fat for I need a lot of M excellent so uh that’s one of the

fuels uh things that fueled my my tropolis as well okay I just about the

the new experience I recently went to Tiana for the first time just on a day

trip with a friend and we’re just walking down the street and saw some

dude with like he looked homeless but he had like red face paint on and he had

like a like a McDonald’s cup or something like guess with flames shooting out real real fire real fire just casually

walking down the road and like I was like yes what is that that is like I

don’t know if but I never know I like and that’s one of the things I love it’s like you just see something that just completely like blows your mind of like

well what is it what on Earth is that this is why travel is good this is why travel is good it’s it’s uh yeah so so

back to your because I I I Rift off of it but you’re on the steps on the horse

you’re thinking this is my character in the video game yeah and from is that when you started like were you

physically fit at the time no no no I had I I had um I had no actually no I

had just started um kind of on that journey and that wasn’t necessarily um month’s CER is like where

I had started and that I mean this is story time I guess but basically long

story short make go Bon for another time is I got kicked out of China and I was bookmark yeah talk about at

some point later but I was back into South Dakota being like you know I was

just unplugged from I don’t The Matrix or like I just came down from my my high of being you know in on another planet

essentially for and I was like well this place is this is no place for me I was Luke Skywalker a Tatooine you know and

I’m just like uh this just is not for me S not s is not for me and

um I stumbled one night I stumbled Upon A a website or a Blog it was a Blog

called cycling home from Siberia and this guy had is a British

guy who had went to who had started a bike trip in Siberia in the winter time

and over the course of like three or four years cycled all the way down to Asia across Australia back up across

India across Western Asia literally EV Middle East you all the way

back to the UK and I’m like wow that just is was exciting you know looking at

his updates and the something about that really spoke to my this adventurous um feeling and I remember I

knew immediately felt I can do that well here’s I mean I didn’t immediately feel

like I can do that but what I felt is like if she can do that there’s no

reason by that be like starting cycling in the winter time by itself was like I can

start in the summertime in the United States and just bike wherever I

wanted and that that started um I bought a $300 bike out FRS

list and um took for and this is also before

before I had before iPhone see I’m going to say that you’re more cognitively liberated than most um I also feel

kindly deliberated and I used to see stories like that all the time yeah and I’d be like that’s amazing that’s

awesome I could never do that like oh really yeah it was R only recently where

I’ve been like all of us can do anything yeah like cuz I’ve just been meting

people more and more who are you living those event others and that’s that’s

their lives it’s not that’s not a vacation that’s like their their path and they’re living it and I’m like

anybody can do that I mean there is a little like to the suffering Point like you know you survive on less right right

but it’s you can anyone can do it it’s making choices and that’s exciting yeah

this is this is one thing that like like shakes my soul when I hear people say I could never do and to that to that I say

dude there’s nothing so special about you that you can’t start

start the process begin today yeah there’s nothing so special about you like so one of the things that that that

Gregory and I both do is something called The Traveling rings at original M Beach and it’s just it’s just where I

met yeah it’s where we met it’s it’s a it’s a line of it’s a it’s a row of I think eight or 10 well I’ll Ed it in a

picture of rings that you swing to you swing from essentially and it looks very

formidable and right so it is but so many times am I there and I see somebody

walk up to it’s like could never and I like all it takes is just to

touch the rape first that’s step one there’s a progression to everything one of my

teachers famously said there are no wrong positions only wrong

progressions and so you know think about this in the in the context of going say like it took me three months to get from

the start to end of the r three months right the first time I did like two ring but that’s the Journey of it that’s like

the beauty of it’s like what’s the point of if you can do everything all the time at to the maximum degree when I got to

the last ring I I like I just celebrated I was like I’m king of the world then somebody told me you can go back and I

was like what some people go all the way 10 and back and some people will do 30 and

that’s that’s the wild thing you see like these wild acrobats just doing amazing things on this and and they were what of and then you and then you

realize and you like I remember like I felt the same way the first time

I went went when there was like oh yeah I’m so like flipping and we just bustled it right like yeah you you mess up from

way just just made it by the skin of the teeth you know at the end of the day then you go back you know a couple years later you look at the video that you saw

you’re like Fu you know that’s you got to check your ego there man that you

know there’s always of course there’s always someone better than you always someone like what but that doesn’t right

absolutely not a competition because it’s all like the thing is you’re competing with your past self not

someone else this is super important to realize it’s like compare yourself to who you were yesterday not who somebody

else is today this is like a I really try to set it up even more yeah the Rings is a very special place for me no

I’m not saying just on the Rings oh there saying oh everything in life I just well okay let’s just say everything

in life like I’m kind of down to the competition like I me competive person

and competive to well there’s two let me just let me

side my spiritual self which is on the Rings it’s just whatever that ring run

is even if one smacks in ahead like that’s the perfect run for that moment like you’re in the Zone on the Rings

it’s very Zen it’s very like there is no future there is no path I just flying across time and space

and engaging my monkey animals s and having a blast and I don’t care what it

was last week or next week I’m just like flying in this moment and that’s one of the reasons I love the Rings it’s zanta

immediately yeah um so the question though is still

is like what do you compare yourself to in life not just in the Rings I mean I they can do what everyone

does which is like I read an article in New York Times and it says the age of someone and I immediately like is that

person or another leag and if they’re if if Mark Zuckerberg is only 42 and I’m 54

[ __ ] Le you know what what what what what was stopping me from you know doing

that so yeah yeah yeah that’s a very reasonable I think everyone has that sense yeah but at this point I try and

not care about that so much because to your point I’m just trying to be the best Gregory I can

be every day and not worry about I mean I’ll support what Able’s doing but I’m

not comparing myself to Able right um I’m just like I’m given this set of

opportunities That’s Unique it’s different than everyone else’s what am I going to do with these curs I’m given I

kind of see it as almost like other people it’s almost like a road map like for example the psychist like inspired

me as like oh that’s something you can you can do I didn’t do it exactly like him and if you compare our Journeys on

paper like mine is a joke compared to what he did right but but okay to be clear a any bicycled halfway across this

entire country the United States of America which may be that’s not a joke to anybody that was a serious bike right

oh it was a serious bike ride but it was about a fouryear process I’m saying the

point is is like if you compare those two experiences on paper like they’re

obiously and like that gu wins but the value that I got from

it was enough perfect for you it was perfect for me and and perfect for the

people who you tell the story too who may not have never bicycle worn five miles in their life right and that that

also I I’ll add to that point I had never done any kind of physical practice I never I never H with the exception of

just biking around the city a little bit to get around and so I wasn’t like a really Avid I was never one of those like spandex wear I like you know racer

biker dudes um in fact before this I had my dad’s old College bike that was the

bike I had it was super heavy it was a Panasonic bike that was actually too big for me and actually likely too big for

him and you know that $300 crazy look bike was was amazing compared to that but the

point is is after that experience that was the first time I ever experienced any kind of like feeling good from

exercise usually if I had some kind of like remember going rock climbing one time with a friend in college and I yeah

I was into a rock climbing I went up like twice and I was obliterated

I was exhausted I was traumatized uh my nervous system felt

over loaded I remember coming home and just like being so hungry feeling like I

just like run a marathon that experience from me was was

100% real you know if someone like you good look at that I was like that was a real exercise dude you did did it was

because that’s where you Ed that’s where I was at that level I was like 21 20 around that age

and and what I did this ride at 40 40 at 24 I I experienced for the first time

kind of getting in shape because if you’re biking for eight hours a day

after about two weeks you’re going to start to to get in shape two weeks is and any of those things two weeks is

that is when you turn to cve yeah it that’s what it seems to be and after after those two weeks I

remember feeling like yeah I kind of feel I’m starting to feel like an athlete I feel like all of a sudden I

remember feeling that runner’s high and I’m like wow this feels like a truck

this is crazy I want to explore this more and so after the bike ride I was

like I ended up moving to Hong Kong and I ended up moving next to a Capa

instructor just by chance and I I met her on the ferry and she invited me to class I was like well I don’t know

anybody I don’t have anything to do here so okay I’ll go and for those of you who don’t know what Capa is it’s a it’s app

Brazilian martial art that incorporates um dance many different

disciplines music dance there’s there’s mythology in it some degree of

spirituality there’s a mix of even like if you want to get deeper into it there’s a mix of the traditional African

religion the Amazonian indigenous religion El also get but very physical

graceful strength based all that agility right yeah but the main and the main of

it is of course the movement and what I got one of the things I also got from it

was a community and like Brazilians are mercilessly person personable and warm

and they know how to connect in a way that I’ve never seen anyone else I was living in Asia for many

years the the the social elements couldn’t be more different it couldn’t

be more dirt and I was essentially AOW in Asia at the time and all of a sudden I I found like a community and a family

and a a connection in Brazil in Hong Kong Brazilian bra brazili is in the

capit and I remember how doing that for his class and I’m just like something resonated with me something connected

with me in a very deep way um and that is really what started my my quest for

or my my journey with a physical culture awesome aome

no what was what was your first

uh unplugging moment from The

Matrix it’s probably when my brother who was who’s definitely an

athlete I was not that thing at the time I was anwe like computer person

entrepreneur you were overweight yeah I mean 20 lb way I wasn’t like huge but yeah yeah I was chubby yeah um I was in

Cross Country in high school and had wrestling and I was very F that but in

my mind I was still that person but physically I was not and so my brother continued to do running and ran

marathons and he was just like one year he’s like I we’re doing the um rine cor

marath and I was like I’ll do it and he’s like man you can’t I bet you honor you can’t going to do a marathon I was

like I run it today he was like go he goes you you you run today like I 500

bucks on the line I was said bet so just cold turkey I hadn’t exercised in like 12 years maybe 15 years yeah I just

put all the PA running shoes went out the door started running and and at

about mile 12 I think yeah my legs cramped

both of them like worst tra I’ve ever had in my life like basic paralyzed I face planted and I crawled the rest of

know had because I said were you you crawl 12 miles home no I would had like done this circuit where I was like

looping like mile Loop or something I crawled like I think like two miles home with your legs completely cramped yeah

they didn’t like uncramp or anything they might have at some point but I just remember like it took me it took me a long time to get home like that down two

miles yeah I call my brother I was like hey dude like you you win you know he’s

like what happened I like I like I R 12 botles H 12 bies like cold I was like yeah yeah he’s like that’s amazing he

goes I’ll tell you what like the marathons are 3 months I’ll pay for your registration you got trained yeah and I

was like yeah sure okay I know what that means yeah I kind of half ass train yeah it was like Gregory route doesn’t need a

train right cuz I already thought I could do it yeah um I did do the rathod

um it was hilarious I about died I threw

up Fus or whatever you call it like I mean iously is the correct word okay I viciously threw up at the end like I I

don’t know where all that even came from but like I mean it was it was horrendous

um but I completed it and and I was like well I did give it my all that’s for sure but perhaps if I had

trained I could have actually you know like finished and not thrown up or like you know finished stronger definitely

faster and then very soon after I had a good friend from like of 10 years who

was just like a computer guy with me and Facebook had just started and I saw

Facebook he’s like I I’m I’m about and next weekend I’m doing my Iron Man Tron

and I was like what the [ __ ] like iron like isn’t that like in my brain only last Armstrong would do an Iron Man

Trion like this Olympic level athlete thing and this guy to me is just a GU

and so I like emailed him and I was like what what are you talking about like dude like he’s like man I’ve been training for 6 months he go I train

between three and 6 hours a day I eat five ,000 calories a day and I’m ready and I was just like that is what clicked

for me like your bicycle ride thing I was like if he can do it I can do it

he’s just a guy he’s not guy armr he’s not Olympic Athlete he’s a guy who I worked with for two years who like wears

a suit and he’s going to he’s going to go 140 miles you know in 10 hours on a

bicycle and an in the ocean and and on his two feet like and then I was like I

have to do that like and I I started training for trogs yeah and that was

that was really my St and like like your bicy school thinging like when you’re training you’re getting rips like it’s

comp getting in the zone yeah because you have a goal yeah yeah at the at the end of my bike trip I I was I was still

very skinny up here but like I had like these beautiful Immaculate quads that’s crazy I was like wow that where did that

come from that was really kind of cool got how did we transition from when you

were a gamer I was a coder uh how did we transition into physical health physical

culture yeah physical culture yeah they uh that would be good yeah that’s even better because physical health is an

individual thing to bet to what you started saying is like we’re honoring our own Temple um and physical culture

involves Community right yeah it’s like I want to add one thing to this this is

a much later in life but like sometimes it’s not fun to work out right right

yeah true yeah that’s why we have rings and stuff which is like playing with toys that actually gives us exercise you

know Ro plenty um but jury workouts after I found God I got this strong

impression I was like God gave me this body it would be

disrespectful to not have it in tip to condition like if I have my car my car

gets oil changes I wash it yeah I vacuum it like it’s it’s in tip toop Condition

it’s ready to perform why wouldn’t I why would I have my body be a messy house

why would my body have like a broken Fender that I never bother to fix like I want this to be the best Poss if God

gave me this thing and is capable of this I want to Max it out like I want to be the best possible template can be

yeah I had a kind of a similar experience I think um without coming to that quiet conclusion at that time um I

think it was 24 at the time or 23 and U my girlfriend had said to me K of was

off the cuff that really said to me but just kind of talking about how like she was like if I was a guy I would for sure

go to the gym and have a like a great body and I’m like sitting there like what does she know that I don’t and he

know like what is she trying to say to me I know I’m like I’m good enough as it is I

don’t I don’t need that to be to be uh to be loved which is also that’s also

here is also true yeah but also there is a um you know I don’t know how

subconscious it was at first just saying as like you should probably like you could be a bit more you know which is

which is which is true for all of us you know which is like kind of part of the the burden of life and the burden of or

well maybe a better way to say is like the curse is that you could everyone can be better that who they are which

is which is always a tough check to cash um but I think that that is one it’s a

good thing it’s a good thing it’s it’s a guided philosophy of like uh let’s aim

up MH yeah 97 like said we can do 98.5 I would say 97 was good enough oh

good enough yeah but last you know right um yeah so we’ve been we’ve

been chatting for probably two plus hours I think no okay what do you think

I think 90 minutes but 9 minutes okay um is there anything else I wanted to to

close with I just I hope that this at least my

intend of this is to inspire you to be your highest self and to really ask the question of

why you’re here on Earth um and to start today uh to manifest and embody that uh

and second of all be with real humans in real spaces like totally a not on the

zoom Conference during this podcast where here in the r and I and I enjoy being in his physical presence um and

I’d Advocate that for everyone to just like be around humans yeah likewise my

friend um the yeah the thing that comes to mind for me to say too is right now is like

back to the the the topic of happiness and I think the reason why we should

shouldn’t put that as the highest order of pursuit is simply because life is always going to be happy but that

doesn’t mean it’s not going to be meaningful and um finding pursuing what is Meaningful I

think is the and and that’s for every everybody that that that answer is what what meaning is is I think a little

different very much so um yeah but you know just realizing that it’s not you’re

not always going to feel happy um we’re going to have suffering we’re going to have floss and that’s part of life

and um I think the acceptance of embracing that it’s a it’s a hard pill

to swallow but um I I think happiness uh is

is the byproducts of a meaningful

Pursuit and as Conan the Barbarian once said what does not kill us makes us

stronger a minut with that with that let’s close up all

right guys thanks for for listening to physical culture with Abram hjin and Gregory Roberts we’ll see you next time