The Choice: and the Plan for Humans to Deal with AGI

The Future... its your Choice

I humbly present to you: The Choice. This is perhaps the most important and relevant post which I’ve yet to write on this here lil website. It is, basically, what you’ve all been asking me for — or rather, what you ask once I’ve convinced you that the AI Tsunami is actually something a) real, and b) happening now, not in the far distant “Future…”

And your question is:

Allright, gregoreite, the AI has arrived, and is getting bigger, better, faster & stronger every day… so: What should we do?

What, in other words, is…

the Plan?

[…of Action]
[…for Humanity]

And my answer is:

Consider this our Plan, version 0.1

with your input,
we’ll version and upgrade it.

we’ll adjust, hone, and tweak it
across the coming days, months & years.

we’ll own it, adapt it, embody it,
customize it, and make it our own,
both individually and collectively.

Right? Good. So, here goes:

The Plan

for the Peaceful Co-existence
of Two Intelligent Species:
on Planet Earth

v0.1 — 2023.01.10


  1. get right with God
  2. exercise proper fitness & nutrition
  3. teach your children well
  4. lean into the physical world
  5. resist the seductive temptations of the virtual world(s)
  6. stay vigilant
  7. return to step 1


I. Get right with God

The AI Future that we are presented with places our species in its most

II. Focus on Physical Fitness & Wholesome Nutrition

These are the basic concepts:

  • The AI wants you:
  • with your ass glued to your couch,
  • & your eyeballs glued to your screen:
  • …barking your commands to Alexa and Siri…
  • ordering your engineered, ultra-processed, factory-made, pre-packaged “food,” made with bio-engineered, high-fructose-corn-syrup…
  • delivered right to your doorstep via Uber Eats and DoorDash and PostMates and Amazon Prime…
  • eating your Pizza Hut, your McDonalds Happy Meals, your Chips & Diet Soda & Miller Lite.
  • …getting sick on all that. food coma sick, cold & fly sick, even Type 2 Diabetes sick…
  • …then ordering your Big Pharma Blue Pills (which, by the way, you don’t have to get up off your couch for either… same delivery methods apply)
  • …to counter your Type 2 Diabetes
  • That you got from sitting on that couch, staring into the black mirror of infinite streams, and eating all that junk factory food that was practically spoon fed to you by the algorithms (are you starting to see their motivation?).
  • And, btw, as thanks for purchasing all that Food (Big Agriculture), Drink, and Drugs (Big Pharma)
  • remember, now, that during all this:
  • …the AI wants you to be in deep debt to “easy” credit card companies (Big Banks), paying 29.98% APR on that debt,
  • …because as long as you’re in its debt, believe it or not, you’ll do what it tells you to do. You’ll eat what it wants you to eat, you’ll watch the shows it wants you to watch, you’ll order the product it wants you to buy, you’ll swallow the pills that it wants you to swallow, and you’ll believe the news that it wants you to see.
  • …because, really…
    it’s just all so…

III. Teach your children well

via both explicit conversation and unspoken example

  • Critical Thinking:
    • Photos and Videos are no longer Proof of Truth
  • Media Literacy
    • Ubiquitous, mass-manufactured Fake Media
    • (Deep Fakes, Fake News, Algo-News)
    • …PLUS six layers of factcheck noise

IV. Lean into the Physical

As a wise woman once said:

“Go Play Outside!”

Truer words never spoken.

V. Resist the Temptations of the Black Mirrors

Realize that with every black mirror you stare into:

  • every smartwatch, Smartphone, 75″ flatscreen, laptop screen, videogame…
  • That NOTHING is free.
  • It costs Facebook (aka Meta AI) $25 a month, per user, to run all the servers and databases that support your “free” social media presences on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp…
  • They’re a FOR PROFIT company
  • They made $110B in profit last year…
  • You don’t think they’re MAKING $50 a month off of YOU? And another 50 off your kid? And another 50 off your neighbor?
  • How?
  • They’re selling your data, your intimate likes, photos, tags, location updates, diary musings, and click behavior, selling it for hard cash, to marketers.
  • You chase the “internet fame,” the 10,000 followers… but Meta chases the only thing that matters to a capitalist company, despite their mission statement “not to do evil”… Meta (and Google, and Apple, and Amazon) chases the Money.
  • The marketers are SPENDING hard cash to learn that data about you… why? They’re for profit companies too… they’re spending it, because for every dollar they spend learning about you, they are SELLING you FIVE DOLLARS worth of product! They, too, are making money on you.
  • So HOW FREE is your instagram account now?

VI. Stay Vigilant.

In greek, they called it gregoreite.

Jesus commanded it of his 12 Apostles.

When he wrote it, it looked a little something like this: