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the Physical Culture Podcast episode 001 with Gregory Roberts and Abram Hodgens

We are delighted to announce the inaugural episode of our new podcast: the Physical Culture Podcast. Our first episode explores a wide range of topics from physical health to the purpose of life to what a future with UBI might look like for our civilization, with hosts Gregory Roberts and Abram Hodgens.

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Podcast episode 001 : Life Liberty & the Pursuit of…
with hosts Gregory Roberts and Abram Hodgens

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What is the Physical Culture Podcast?

The Physical Culture Podcast is a conversation on a wide range of topics, focusing on Human Advocacy at the dawn of the Age of AI. We talk about health, fitness, relationships, money, technology and empowerment, through the lens of two normal, healthy dudes. Our intent is to bring on a revolving slate of amazing guests who epitomize the best qualities of being human, and who will share the unique perspectives that they have cultivated along life’s journey.

What topics does Episode 001 cover?

In episode 001, Gregory Roberts & Abram Hodgens discuss a wide range of topics centering on physical, emotional and spiritual health, and focusing on how a well-tuned Temple of the Body contributes to full-spectrum fitness. Human Optimization in the Age of AI.

We’ve also written full extended listening notes for Episode 001.

Who are Gregory and Abram?

Gregory Roberts is a seasoned adventurer, serial entrepreneur, and accomplished author of books across several genres. He is one of the world’s leading experts on AI, and focuses his energy these days on creating strategies and lifestyles for human beings to flourish in the face of the coming AI Tsunami. Gregory’s Instagram can be found at @acroyogi, and this site — —  is his main blog about all things human and AI.

Abram Hodgens is an athlete, model & the founder of BivaTonic, an all-natural energy beverage company, and leads the SmoothMoves workout regimen which takes place weekly at Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica. Abram’s Instagram can be found at @abraminmotion, and his professional website can be found at

Together they share a passion for healthy living, playful interaction, philosophical explorations, and physical fitness. the Physical Culture Podcast is their first podcasting experiment.