The Turn

the turn : the turning point of humans and ai : the singularity is near

In competitive Chess, there comes a point somewhere in every mid-game where it’s anybody’s game. You can feel it. The opening is complete. The pieces are all developed.  “The Turn” is upon you: You face numerous simultaneous threats and you’ve made numerous counterthreats. The tension is palpable. It’s time for the blood to start flowing. But where to attack first? You know, intuitively, that making the right decision, choosing the right strategy, performing the right order of operations at this critical juncture… your choice will make or break the game. It may take another 35 moves to seal the deal, but truly, in this move, you win or lose the game.

We call this point: The Turn.

And so we arrive at the Turn in the evolution of

And here it is,
as seen in the Vision:

Up until now,
dear readers,

We’ve allowed AI to control the game.

That’s because my primary purpose with those first 50 posts was to show the myriad of ways that AI controls the circumstances of our digital, and more and more, our physical lives.

But enough of that.

After reading those genesis posts,
at this point,
you either get it,
or you don’t.

So, from this moment forward, we’re going to laser focus on :

the Plan.

As in, the human plan.

As in, what we can do, stating today, to ensure the most positive outcome possible for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our species in the wake of this coming Age of AI.

So, starting with my next post, we will begin to outline a basic individual plan.

And let’s make this a conversation. I want to hear from you.

Tell me what you’d like me to write about,
and I will do my best to craft the words.

Ask me specific questions,
and I will make best efforts to answer them…
accurately and concisely.

And so,

the Turn is complete.

and… Our Journey Begins.

…Into the Great Wide Open!

The Turn by AJP+MJ6

Invictus! Excelsior!

[we are] unconquerable! [we journey] ever upward!


[based upon a vision in a dream]


prompt: “We were not allowed to see color in those days. It was forbidden. I became afraid of what the lights were trying to reveal. I think there was ecstasy in me, trying to get out.” (poetry stanza by Anne Jennings Paris)

engine: MidJourney, v6.0

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