The Age of Abundance : Quantum Compute, Fusion Energy, and UBI

Age of Abundance Venn Diagram Quantum Fusion UBI

Welcome to 2024, Humans. The aim is to make this my shortest post ever. To set the stage for Human + AI optimism into the new year. There may indeed be an AI Tsunami that shakes up humanity mightily… but that event ushers in the coming Age of Abundance. Whether this happens in 5 years, or 50, is irrelevant. These three key, interlocking technologies will come to be invented, perfected, and deployed:

  • Fusion Energy — to satiate the voracious energy consumption needs of both humans + AI
  • Quantum Computing — something has to power all those insane DL/GPT computations…
  • UBI — the wealth distribution is getting way out of hand. Time to force some cash from the megacorps to the people. …Sam?

Truly, its all in the Venn Diagram.

Hell, lets put a number on it: 2035 for version 1.0 of all of these. There you go.

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