Mountaineering Summit Bucket List : Path to Annapurna

mountaineering summit bucket list

This is just a general list of mountains on my summit bucket list. They’re in a very general rough “order of operations”, progressing in both distance (international travel logistics) and level of skill / gear required. Join me!

America / Western US

WHITNEY — 14,500 ft

Completed. It wasn’t pretty, but dayam, I got it done. And then teamed up with Michael, and went back for more. Our experience together was the genesis for my draft Mountaineers Team Agreement.

SHASTA — 14,180 ft

This would appear to be the next logical summit on the list. Still in Cali, a bit longer drive from LA. choice of 8 routes, so we can “choose our own adventure” and dial up/down the level of difficulty.

Shasta Summit Exped is ON! see >>Shasta Expedition Planning Page

Mount Shasta Topo and Route

HALF DOME / Yosemite — 8,840 ft

This is simply a classical playground for rock climbers of all disciplines. Yes, vs. the rest of this list, Half Dome (with a fixed line, no less) is obviously trivial… this is more about the mecca of Yosemite: bouldering, El Cap, sport climbing, free soloing… etc. plus: you never know who you’ll meet at Camp 4!

LONGS PEAK — 14,260 ft

This is a personal bone I have to pick. I took a girlfriend up there 20 years ago, and we had to turn around in a storm. I haven’t been there since. Have to get it done though. SO its on the list. Plus… Rocky Mountains are awesome. bonus side trips: Mirror Lake, Thunder Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), Continental Divide Trail (CDT).

RAINIER — 14,411 ft

The first of the SERIOUS mountaineering mountains on this list. appears that it can be done inside of 4 days.

DENALI — 20,300 ft / 6,300m

Fly into Anchorage, Alaska. Drive to Talkeetna. Bush plane to Kahiltna Glacier Base Camp (low elevation: 7,200 feet). West Buttress Route. total expedition time: ~21 days on mountain. Major Expedition. Serious Logistics. YES!!!!!


So… here’s the general map of the Western Continental US summits. Scroll down for a detailed spreadsheet.

Mountaineering Keys - Western US and beyond

South America:

  • ACONAGUA — 22,840 ft / 6,960 m
  • PATAGONIAnot a peak, a place… i know


Africa / Antarctica:

  • KILIMANJARO — 19,340 ft




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