.the Physical Culture Podcast

the Physical Culture Podcast

What is the Physical Culture Podcast?

The Physical Culture Podcast is a Conversation about Humans. In it, we cover a wide range of topics including fitness, mental physical and emotional health, relationships, and specifically how humans can truly flourish — and how we might want to evolve — at the dawn of the Age of AI. with hosts Gregory Roberts and Abram Hodgens.


Planning Pages

Future Topics Brainstorm:

  • relationships and dating
    • dynamics of,
    • gender roles,
    • expectations from society and from partners
    • negotiating agreements for win/win, authenticity & transparency
  • trauma, family dynamics, therapy
  • AI and the future of work/money
    • are you doing what you love? finding purpose
    • the pros and cons of UBI
    • Native American Federal Assist + Casino Money as a case study
  • fitness/health/cancer experience/athletics
  • spirituality, god, the messiah, drugs, salvation, samadhi, ahayuasca
  • purpose, as seen from the individual, society, and family
  • benefits of sobriety and meditation:
    • a contrast of experience, before and after
  • the world population trend:
    • WTF is going on with everybody except africans not making babies?
    • what are the short- and long-term consequences?
    • societally? financially? culturally?


  • Bernarr Mcfadden (1868 – 1955) :
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