.Book Publishing Strategy / Plan

Action Plan

  1. Join the Strauss Writers Roundtable Group
    1. articulate my Specific Goals / Expectations of first 30 days (4 meetings)
    2. X- add to CONTACTS
    3. X- find out who the successful graduate is — Chelsey Goodan
    4. X- determine, after requesting refund, how much I would join for
      (first throught: 1/4th: $25k/4 = $6,250)
    5. X- ask asst for contract
  2. investigate (online & books) how to get a book published
    1. an agent
    2. get signed with a publisher
    3. get a monetary advance
    4. go on a press tour
    5. an appearance on Oprah
  3. define success metrics
    1. sales (units)
    2. sales (gross)
    3. profit (sales – expenses)
    4. New York Times Bestseller
    5. movie option
  4. Dream Big
    1. the success of the book gives me a platform
    2. from which I can speak, and spread the message:
      1. of dSky. of Naturalism. of Health. of GPO. of Physical Culture.
    3. talk show circuit
    4. speakers bureau


Expectations of my participation in the Strauss Writing Group

  • personal mentorship from Neil
  • meeting F2F at a dinner(s) at his house in Malibu
  • introduction to agent(s) and/or major publishing houses
  • camaraderie and support of other solid authors (community)

6 Steps to Traditional Publishing

  1. Finish Writing the Book
  2. Query Literary Agents
  3. Wait while your Agent pitches Publishers
  4. Sign a book deal
  5. Start final edit and pre-pub business
  6. Go on Book Signing Tour

These steps from Tiffany Hawk

The Big 5 Publishing Houses

  • Penguin/Random House,
  • Hachette Book Group,
  • Harper Collins,
  • Simon and Schuster,
  • Macmillan

Success Story: Chelsey Goodan: Underestimated

Writers’ Roundtable class of ’23 graduate Chelsey Goodan and her book,

Underestimated: The Wisdom and Power of Teenage Girls,
released this week on Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster.

Before the book is even out, Oprah’s Book Club recommended it.

Then Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine posted about it.

And then Time Magazine ran an excerpt.

Amazon then selected it as their Editors’ Pick for Best Nonfiction Books of March—and promoted it across the website.